Francesca Fazioli, art director from Bologna, after several experiences in advertising agencies, founded Cinquerosso Studio in 2002.

5 July 2002

That day Cinquerosso was born, a place destined to be a real meeting point for creative professionals: photographers, stylists, graphic designers, architects, artists.

That was what I wanted: a place open to innovation and synergy between people from the most diverse fields.

I had already spent several years working as an art director first in advertising agencies and then in an important company such as the La Perla Group, I had learnt a lot from the world of fashion and communication, and I was satisfied with my career path. At the same time, however, I felt a strong desire to try something new, a venture in which I could fully express my ideas.

What I had in mind was not a classic communication agency, my dream was more ambitious: I wanted to create an innovative, eclectic space where different professional skills could cohabit and collaborate. It was the early 2000s and co-working spaces and hubs - so widespread today - were still unknown in Bologna. The digital era was dawning and I felt that communication projects had to open up more and more to technology and the web and that companies increasingly needed to communicate through different channels and tools.

Cinquerosso has therefore truly become a hospitable and fertile place that has seen many professionals pass through. In this original space, an industrial structure in a Bologna of bygone days, we have always worked in the fields of advertising, fashion, design, the web and, most recently, art.

We have had the pleasure of working with many prestigious clients, such as Banca di Bologna, Paladini Lingerie, Alma Mater, Fondazione "Fashion Research Italy", Galleria Forni, Terre della Rocca, Banor Capital, Valuepart, Effetto Luce, and before that Visionnaire, Cerdomus, Falper, GVS, to name but a few…